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Hubot Poker

Let's play some poker. Hubot-style.

This all started as a bit of a lark screwing around with analyzing 6-digit SecurID tokens for poker-type patterns with fellow LivingSocialites. Turned it into a few games that we'd play from time-to-time in Campfire, though they were limited in that there was no way to deal 'digits' to players privately.

Then we went to Slack and that opened up some possibilities for dealing cards. I made a Texas Hold 'em-styled game and here we are.

Card Poker

The only card-styled game thus far is Texas Hold 'em - checkout its README.

Token Poker

There are three different games, though two of them are only starter/experimental. The third is a game call Reverse Hold 'em which is a loose take on Texas Hold 'em where all of the players hands are visible, but the hole cards (digits) are hidden until the end. Checkout its README.


chrismo - Genius behind the version available now.

robksawyer - Created a hubot poker game that sucked and then later was informed of chrismo's. I then merged his version into my repo since I also had hubot-poker on


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