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Show open PRs for a user, team or organization. Schedule hubot to reguarly report on open PRs.

See src/ for full documentation.


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-github-pr-reporter --save

Then add hubot-github-pr-reporter to your external-scripts.json:



Environment Variables

  • HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN - used by githubot
  • HUBOT_GITHUB_USER - used by githubot


  • "cron-parser": "1.0.1" - Used to parse cron string input
  • "githubot": "1,0,0" - Used to query GitHub
  • "moment": "2.10.6" - Used for report formatting
  • "node-schedule": "0.5.1" - Used for the scheduling feature
  • "underscore": "1.8.3" - Used for report formatting
  • "github-credentials" - Optional. Translates github names to @mention names.

Sample Interaction

Show a list of open pull requests

gary> hubot show prs
  8 hours, 0 comments, @dala, Improve reporting
  3 hours, 2 comments, *unassigned*, Updated readme
  *6 months*, 0 comments, benny, Updates to platinum chip

You can specify:

  • No options. Just hubot show prs to get the fire hose.
  • A user to show PRs by that author, by adding a user:githubLogin string. If you're using github-credentials, you can also specify the user by the chat room name (like user:@chatName), and hubot will automatically translate it to their github name.
  • A team to show PRs authored by that team, by adding a team:teamName string. You can go to{{ORGANIZATION_NAME}}/teams to see a list of available team names for a given organization.
  • An organization to show all open PRs in that org, by adding a org:organizationName string. To see a list of available organizations, go to the profile of HUBOT_GITHUB_USER and look at the Organizations section on the left hand side.

Note that the order matters, and they chain when possible. For instance:

  • Specifying user and org limit the responses to just that user in that org. Useful if a user has open PRs in multiple orgs, but you only care about one.
  • Specifying a team and an org helps specify which team you mean, since team names aren't globally unique.

Subscribe to PR reports

gary> hubot subscribe prs for user:mr_house
hubot> @gary: Great! This request will show you all PRs mentioning mr_house at the default frequency (weekdays at noon)

... then, at noon ...
  *6 months*, 0 comments, benny, Updates to platinum chip

To unsubscribe, type `hubot unsubscribe prs 5`

You can specify:

  • The same options for name, team, and org above. Same rules apply.
  • A custom frequency by specifying the cron format you want hubot to report at. You can do this by adding cron:"your cron string" to the command.

Show a list of all ongoing subscriptions

gary> hubot show pr subscriptions
ID   Requestor    Description
5    gary         paused => org:example

This will show all of the subscriptions for the room you're currently in. To see all subscriptions hubot is keeping track of, add 'all' to the request:

gary> hubot show all pr subscriptions
Room           ID   Requestor    Description
engineering    5    gary         org:example
research       7    mr_house     paused => team:securitron org:example

A "paused" mention in the description just means hubot lost a reference to the room, and can't post to it until someone says something. As soon as there's other activity in the room, it'll automatically resume the subscription.

Unsubscribe from a report

gary> hubot unsubscribe pr 5
hubot> Successfully unsubscribed from 5: all PRs in the example organization at the default frequency (weekdays at noon)

Note that you need to be in the room that requested the subscription in order to unsubscribe. That's so folks in that room know that the subscription was stopped, rather than something broke.

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