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HTTPS 2048-bit RSA TLS/SSL Cert Example

This is targeted towards people who are using io.js / node.js, but as far as generating and testing certs, these are the exact same openssl commands you'd use with any language.

Here's the zero-config example:

git clone

pushd nodejs-ssl-example

npm install
node ./serve.js

Then visit

Note: Your browser will warn you that you the server is using a bogus certificate authority. That's okay for the purposes of this example.

Special Notes

The key to this example is that the certs are not self-signed. Using self-signed certs is the stupidest thing that anyone ever tried to do in a browser.

Instead, a bogus Root CA is created. Then the bogus Root CA is used to sign the certificates.

If only the world knew that all you have to do to fix Self-Signed Certificate errors is to create one additional certificate and use that as the Certificate Authority...

Full Article

See the full article at How to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for HTTPS (TLS/SSL) RSA PEMs

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