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The static code analysis tool you need for your HTML.

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Table of Contents

📟 Installation and Usage

Prerequisites: Node.js (>=6.14), npm version 3+.

There are two ways to install HTMLHint: globally and locally.

Local Installation and Usage

In case you want to include HTMLHint as part of your project, you can install it locally using NPM:

$ npm install htmlhint --save-dev

After that, You can run HTMLHint on any file or directory like this:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/htmlhint www/index.html
$ ./node_modules/.bin/htmlhint www/**/*.html

Global Installation and Usage

If you want to make HTMLHint available to tools that run across all of your projects, you can install HTMLHint globally using NPM:

$ npm install htmlhint -g

After that, you can run HTMLHint on any file like this:

$ htmlhint www/index.html
$ htmlhint www/**/*.html

You can even launch HTMLHint to analyse an URL:

$ htmlhint

📃 Example output

🔧 Configuration

Search .htmlhintrc file in current directory and all parent directories:

$ htmlhint
$ htmlhint test.html

Custom config file:

$ htmlhint --config htmlhint.conf test.html

Custom rules:

$ htmlhint --rules tag-pair,id-class-value=underline index.html

Inline rules in test.html:

<!--htmlhint tag-pair,id-class-value:underline -->

📙 Docs

  1. How to use
  2. All Rules
  3. How to Develop

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