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HTML5 Edit

HTML5 Edit is currently in the research and development phase. Its focus is HTML5's contenteditable feature, and goal is to find better ways of interacting with it.



  1. Install Node.js

  2. Install Required Node Packages

     npm -g install coffee-script simple-server

Try It

  1. Install HTML5 Edit

     npm -g install html5edit
  2. Start the demo server

  3. Open http://localhost:3000/src/demo

Grab It

  1. Checkout HTML5 Edit

     git clone
     cd html5edit
     npm install
  2. Start the demo server

  3. Open http://localhost:3000/src/demo


HTML5 Edit's wiki is the best place to learn about it.


  • v0.2 June 12, 2011

    • Now working with Leveling Slices
    • Still need to implement other slicing styles
  • v0.1 June 8, 2011

    • Initial commit


Licensed under the MIT License Copyright 2011 Benjamin Arthur Lupton