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Truncate HTML text and also keep tag safe.


Given string is expected to be well-formatted HTML.


  1. use more robust html parser instead of custom regex
  2. move to es6, probably babel/babelify with decorator if needed.


Version Logs
1.2.2 minor bug fixes
1.2.0 <3 browserify
1.1.0 bug fixes
1.0.3 support browser
1.0.0 deprecated: truncateLastWord. Also, exports function directly
0.3.1 features done

build parameter

# install prerequisites and build `truncate` library
npm start
# test, which use travis-ci and to show test results and coverage information
npm test


 * @static
 * @method truncate
 * @param {String} string string needs to be truncated
 * @param {Number} maxLength length of truncated string
 * @param {Object} options (optional)
 * @param {Boolean} [options.keepImageTag] flag to specify if keep image tag, false by default
 * @param {Boolean|String} [options.ellipsis] omission symbol for truncated string, '...' by default
 * @return {String} truncated string
truncate(string, length, options);


var truncate = require('html-truncate');

truncate text

truncate('hello world', 4)
// hell... 
truncate('hello world', 6)
// hello ... 

keep tag safe

truncate('<p><div>hello world</div></p>', 4)
// <p><div>hell...</div></p>  

keep image tag (if any)


truncate('<p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo">Do you <b>think</b> it is useful</div></p>', 3, { keepImageTag: true })
// <p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo">Do ...</div></p> 
truncate('<p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo">Do you <b>think</b> it is useful</div></p>', 10, { keepImageTag: true })
// <p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo">Do you <b>thi...</b></div></p> 


truncate('<p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo" />Do you <b>think</b> it is useful</div></p>', 3, { keepImageTag: true })
// <p><div>Do ...</div></p> 
truncate('<p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo" />Do you <b>think</b> it is useful</div></p>', 10, { keepImageTag: true })
// <p><div><img class="yahoo" src="#" alt="yahoo logo" />Do you <b>thi...</b></div></p> 

customize suffix

truncate('<p><div>hello world</div></p>', 4, { ellipsis: '###' })
// <p><div>hell###</div></p>  
truncate('<p><div>hello world</div></p>', 4, { ellipsis: '' })
// <p><div>hell</div></p>  



npm: html-truncate


unit test

npm: mocha


npm: yuidocjs


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