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Unofficial HoverLabs Hover NodeJS Module

HoverLabs ships a really neat board which lets your users interact with circuits using in-air gestures and taps. I've ported the Python library for the legacy Hover (has not been tested with the new, but might be backwards compatible) to use in NodeJS becuase I hate Python.


I have tested and built this using NodeJS ~4.x, Rasbpian running Jessie, on a PI 3. I'm curious to see how capable other boards or set ups are, the libraries should be pretty straight forward and compatible with other node versions.


Grab it with NPM

npm install hover-nodejs --save

Then require it in your project var Hover = require('hover-nodejs');

Use it

Here's a full working sample:

var Hover = require('hover-nodejs');
var hover = new Hover(0x42, 23, 24, 1); // These are the default pins and addresses that HoverLabs uses in all their Pi samples. 
//hover.debug = true; // Uncomment this to see a few behind the scenes logs in case you're having trouble 
hover.init().then(function() {
    // Ready to listen or do anything else 
    console.log('Hover ready');
    hover.listen(handleHoverEvent, 1);
}, function(error) {
    console.error('Could not init hover board');
var handleHoverEvent = function(event) {

That's it. Dead simple, asyncronous, and ready for action.