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    This package has been deprecated

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    This package is deprecated. Please use the hops (CLI) package instead.


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    Hops Local CLI


    This package is deprecated. Please use the hops (CLI) package instead.


    hops-local-cli provides a set of commands to manage your hops project. hops-local-cli will be automatically installed in projects created by calling hops init (provided by hops-cli). In other projects it needs to be added as a dependency separately.


    In case that it isn't already installed (such as an existing hops project) you can add hops-local-cli via npm or yarn:

    npm install --save hops-local-cli


    yarn add hops-local-cli


    Available Commands

    • hops build - initiates a project build to generate browser and server JS bundles
    • hops develop - starts the webpack development server with hot code reloading for fast local iterations
    • hops serve - starts a production Node.js Express server using the generated JS bundle from hops build
    • hops start - if NODE_ENV is set to production, this runs hops serve. Otherwise hops develop gets executed

    hops build accepts additional arguments: --static / -s to generate static HTML app shells for all configured hops locations.

    hops-local-cli only lists commands that are available through other hops packages.

    So for example hops build and hops develop are only available if hops-build is installed as a dependency in your project (hops-template-react includes it by default).

    The command hops serve is only available if hops-express is installed as a dependency in your project (also included in the default react template).

    And the command hops start is only available if both hops-build and hops-express are installed as dependencies.


    hops-local-cli is being configured through hops-config which in turn uses the npm config mechanism (read more at hops-config).

    That means that while you can run hops commands independently and they will use the configuration from your package.json file, you cannot overwrite these values through npm config set ... in this mode. For that to work you need to run the hops-local-cli through your package.json scripts fields.

      "name": "my-application",
      "scripts": {
        "start": "hops start"
      "config": {
        "hops:": {
          "port": "3000"
    npm config set my-application:hops:port 1337

    And now you can execute the "start" command through npm or yarn:

    npm start
    yarn start



    npm i hops-local-cli

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