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Shelly plugin for Homebridge, enabling HomeKit support for Shelly devices.

Supported devices

Currently the following devices are supported:


1 To use Shelly 2 or Shelly 2.5 in roller shutter mode the device must have been calibrated and be running firmware version 1.4.9 or later.

2 Because of a bug in the Shelly firmware there is currently no support for dimming the Shelly Bulb.


  1. Install homebridge by following the instructions.
  2. Install this plugin by running npm install -g homebridge-shelly.
  3. Add the configuration to your homebridge config.json.


In most cases, simply adding this plugin to the homebridge config.json will be enough:

    "platform": "Shelly",
    "name": "Shelly"

Your Shelly devices will then be automatically discovered, as long as they are on the same network and subnet as the device running homebridge.

Network interface

Sometimes setting the "networkInterface" option to the local IP address of your device will help when your devices aren't automatically discovered, or you see error messages like addMembership EADDRNOTAVAIL.


Set the "username" and "password" options if you have restricted the web interface with a username and password. Note that this configuration applies to all Shelly devices.

Request timeout

The "requestTimeout" option can be used to configure the timeout for HTTP requests to the Shelly devices. Specify in milliseconds. Default is 10 seconds.

Stale timeout

Use the "staleTimeout" option to configure how long a device can be offline before it is regarded as stale and unregistered from HomeKit. Specify in milliseconds. Default is 8 hours.

Device specific configurations

Configurations for specific Shelly devices can be set using the "devices" array. Each object in the array must contain an "id" property with the ID of the Shelly device that you want to target. IDs are always made up of 6 hexadecimal characters and can be found in the Shelly Cloud app or the web interface of a device, under Settings -> Device info -> Device ID.

General configurations

  • "exclude" - set to true to exclude the device from Homebridge.
  • "username" and "password" - set these if you have restricted the web interface of the device with a username and password. This will override the global "username" and "password" options.

Shelly RGBW2 configurations

  • "colorMode" - set to "rgbw" (default) to have HomeKit control all four channels of the device (R, G, B, and W), or to "rgb" to omit the W channel.

Example configuration

    "platform": "Shelly",
    "name": "Shelly",
    "devices": [
      { "id": "74B5A3", "exclude": true },
      { "id": "A612F0", "username": "admin", "password": "pa$$word" },
      { "id": "6A78BB", "colorMode": "rgb" }

Unsupported devices

If you have a Shelly device that is not yet supported by this plugin you can help adding support for it by following these steps:

  1. Run $ homebridge-shelly describe <ip-address> with the IP address of the Shelly device.
  2. Create a new issue and post the output from the previous command.


I develop this plugin in my spare time. If you like it and you find it useful, please consider donating a small amount by clicking the button below. That will allow me to buy new Shelly devices so that I can add support for them.



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