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NUT (Network UPS Tools) Plugin for Homebridge leveraging node-nut.

This plugin allows you to monitor your UPS's with HomeKit and Siri via a NUT Client.


  1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-nut
  3. Update your configuration file like the example below.
  4. Ensure you have a NUT Client running somewhere. For assistance - http://wynandbooysen.com/raspberry-pi-ups-server-using-nut.html.

This plugin will create a ContactSensor element with BatteryService for each USB returned from your NUT Client.

  • ContactSensorState will show OPEN if UPS Status starts with OB (On Battery).
  • StatusActive will be true if UPS Load is > 0.
  • StatusFault will be true is NUT is not reachable.
  • BatteryLevel will show the BatteryCharge percent.
  • ChargingState will show Charging, Not Charging (Online and 100%), or Not Chargable (On Battery).
  • StatusLowBattery will be true if low_batt_threshold is breached. This can potentially notify you prior to your Nut shutting down its server(s).
  • Input/Output/Battery Voltage & BatteryLoad will be shown if available, otherwise may show 0 or default values.


Example config.json:

"platforms": [
         "platform": "Nut",
         "name": "Nut",
         "host": "localhost",
         "port": "3493",
         "search_time_delay": "1",
         "acc_delay": "100",
         "low_batt_threshold": "40",
         "polling": "120"


Field Description
platform Required - Must always be "Nut".
name Required - Name for platform logging.
host Optional - Internal ip or hostname of Nut Client. Default is localhost.
port Optional - Port which Nut Client is listening. Default is 3493.
search_time_delay Optional - Delay on startup to list Nut devices. Defaults to 1 second.
acc_delay Optional - Delay to prevent communication collisions for multiple UPS accessories. Defaults to 100 milliseconds.
low_batt_warning Optional - Percent at which UPS will raise low battery. Default is 40.
polling Optional - Poll interval. Default is 0 sec, which is OFF or no polling.

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