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homebridge-hunter-hydrawise: Native HomeKit support for Hunter Hydrawise

Homebridge Hunter Hydrawise

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Hunter Hydrawise support for Homebridge.

homebridge-hunter-hydrawise is a Homebridge plugin that makes your Hunter Hydrawise irrigation controller available to Apple's HomeKit smart home platform.

Why use this plugin for Hunter Hydrawise support in HomeKit?

In a nutshell, the aim of this plugin for things to just work with minimal required configuration by users. The goal is to provide as close to a streamlined experience as you would expect from a first-party or native HomeKit solution. For the adventurous, those additional granular options are, of course, available to support more esoteric use cases or other unique needs.

What does just work mean in practice? It means that this plugin will discover all of the Hydrawise controllers connected to your Hydrawise account without the need for additional configuration beyond entering your account-specific API key. This plugin will expose those controllers and their zones as an irrigation system in HomeKit.

I rely on this plugin every day and actively maintain and support it.

I've developed a full-featured Homebridge plugin that enables the following features:

  • Control each individual zone on your irrigation controller.
  • Display when your irrigation system is off due to a rain sensor preventing watering (the irrigation system will show as off in HomeKit).
  • Show, at a glance, all the zones that are queued up to run in the next 60 minutes on your controller (each individual zone will appear active in HomeKit when it's queued to run).
  • A rich webUI for configuration.
  • MQTT support.


To get started with homebridge-hunter-hydrawise:

  • Generate a Hydrawise API key, should you need one.
  • Install homebridge-hunter-hydrawise using the Homebridge webUI. Make sure you make homebridge-hunter-hydrawise a child bridge for the best experience.
  • Configure homebridge-hunter-hydrawise and enter your API key.
  • That's it. Enjoy!

[!IMPORTANT] Things to keep in mind regarding the Hydrawise API:

  • The Hydrawise API is rate-limited with the following constraints:
    • A limit of 3 API calls to start, stop, or suspend any zone within a 30 second interval.
    • An additional limit across the entire API of no more than 30 calls in any 5 minute period.
  • While the API provides the ability to suspend a zone, it does not provide the ability to resume a schedule.

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