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Homebridge plugin to control a garage door using command line functions
It supports commands to check state, open, and close the garage door


  1. Install Homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-garagedoor-command
  3. Update your configuration file. See the sample below.


Configuration sample:

    "accessory": "GarageCommand",
    "name": "Garage Door",
    "open": "./",
    "close": "./",
    "state": "./",
    "status_update_delay": 15,
    "poll_state_delay": 20,
    "ignore_errors": false,
    "log_polling": false


Field Description
accessory Must always be "GarageCommand" (required)
name Name of the Garage Door (required)
open open command. Examples: ./ or node open.js (required)
close close command. Examples: ./ or node close.js (required)
state state command. Examples: ./check_state.js or node state.js (required)
status_update_delay Time to have door in opening or closing state (defaults to 15 seconds)
poll_state_delay Time between polling for the garage door's state (leave blank to disable state polling)
ignore_errors Causes the plugin to replace 'STOPPED' status with 'CLOSED' (defaults to false)
log_polling Will log every single status check to the homebridge log (default to false)

The open, close, and state commands must return the following verbs: OPEN, CLOSED, OPENING, CLOSING, STOPPED.


Can I have multiple garage doors?

Yes! but this is a feature of homebridge, not the plugin. Add another accessory block with a different name than your other garage door.
If using homebridge-config-ui-x you can do this in the plugin settings.

Can you add 'x' feature?

Yes, I probably could. Will I? Probably not. If there is a feature you want to add, please feel free to code it yourself and submit a pull request so others can benefit.

What is the STOPPED status?

STOPPED is a valid status for a door to be in, but in the Home App, it is actually reported as OPEN. If an error occures in getting the status, STOPPED should be returned, and it will be logged, but the plugin has the ignore_errors config option so that a false OPEN event won't be triggered. Be careful with ignore_errors as it can be somewhat dangerous to report an error as CLOSED.


npm i homebridge-garagedoor-command

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