Use Emojis on your blog posts! :)

This is a hexo tag plugin which allows you to insert emojis on your blog posts.

Run the following command in the root directory of hexo:

npm install hexo-tag-emojis --save

And enable the plugin in your _config.yml.

  - hexo-tag-emojis

Heads up!

The following methods will define the way that emojis assets will be served to the client. You can only use one method at a time, choose wisely!

This plugin comes with all emoji images from emoji-cheat-sheet.com repository. Before using them, you need to deploy the emoji images on your Hexo blog.

First, open your _config.yml file and paste the following lines:

# hexo-tag-emojis plugin configuration
  image_dir: images/emojis

Then run this command:

hexo emojis install

To uninstall:

hexo emojis remove

You can avoid installing the assets on your blog and use a emoji CDN, like http://cdn.staticfile.org/emojify.js/0.9.0/emojis

Open your _config.yml file and paste the following:

# hexo-tag-emojis plugin configuration
  cdn: http://cdn.staticfile.org/emojify.js/0.9.0/emojis

This is particularly useful if your blog is hosted on Github, because sometimes it can be really slow with images. If you choose this method, you don't need to include the image_dir configuration.

{% emoji [emojiNameWithoutColons] [emojiSize] [class1,class2,class3] %}


{% emoji heart 32 custom_class1,custom_class2 %}

Will generate the following HTML:

<img width="32" height="32" class="emoji nofancybox custom_class1 custom_class2" title="heart" src="/images/emojis/heart.png">

Heads up!

  • emojiSize defaults to 20.
  • Classes must be comma-separated and without spaces between them.
  • emoji and nofancybox classes are added automatically.

This is the best choice if you want to process a whole paragraph.

{% emoji-block [emojiSize] [class1,class2,class3] %}
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet :emojiName:
    consectetur  adipisicing elit :anotherEmojiName:
{% endemoji-block %}


{% emoji-block %}
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet :smiley:
    consectetur  adipisicing elit :boom:
{% endemoji-block %}