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Node Hello World Server

A very simple node.js http server.


The server looks for the following when determining the server port

  • --port <integer> command line flag
  • process.env["PORT"]
  • 3000 default


The server responds to all requests with the content "hello world\n"


[sudo] npm install -g hello-world-server


Once the package is installed globally, you can start it on the command line

# start the server

To run on a

Then connect to the server to make sure it is running. You can visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser and you should see the text "Hello World" appear

Alternatively in the terminal you can use curl to connect to the server.

curl localhost:3000/
# you should receive "Hello World\n" back

If you have changed the server port via process.env["PORT"] you will need to change the port in the examples above accordingly

Docker & Vagrant

You can test this server using Vagrant and Docker.

Builds a container to run a


Pull down the image and run the default command

vagrant up
vagrant ssh
# pull existing image
docker pull nisaacson/hello-world-server
# or build it yourself
docker build $USER/hello-world-server .
# run the server in detached mode
docker run -d -i -p 4000:4545 -e PORT=4545 -t nisaacson/hello-world-server:latest
# curl the server to make sure it is running...should get back "hello world\n"
curl localhost:$PORT