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Listen to any event emitter with a single API.

.on, .addEventListener, .subscribe, ... Why are there so many method names ?

hear is an "universal binder" that allows you to use one method name with the different event emitters, whether it is a DOM node, Node EventEmitter, mediator... You can also pass a context and hear will handle this for you (no bind leak).

Supported emitter types

  • DOM nodes
  • jQuery events
  • Angular & Vue internal emitters
  • Google Maps events
  • Basically all objects with on/off methods. See events.js for API support list.

Installation & usage

npm i --save hearjs

var hear = require('hearjs');
var emitter = new EventEmitter();
var mediator = new Mediator();
function MyType() {
  hear($node, 'click', onEvent, this); // document.querySelector('.node'); 
  hear(emitter, 'onClick', onEvent, this); // EventEmitter 
  hear(mediator, 'onClick', onEvent, this); // Mediator 
MyType.prototype.onEvent = function() {
  // ... 


  • hear.on(emitter, eventName, fn, context) listen eventName on the emitter.

  • hear.once(emitter, eventName, fn, context) like .on but is unbound after first call.

  •, eventName, fn, context) Unbind an event listener. If supported by the passed emitter:

    • if no fn is passed, all the eventName listeners will be unbound
    • if no eventName is passed, the emitter will be totally unbound


Checkout from dev, merge back against dev. Add relevant test cases. 4 spaces, semicolon.


  • support off method without event/fn argument
  • add test with gmaps, angular/vue, jquery