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A hapi React Starter kit with react-router, redux, react-transform

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Light and fast - Don't be sad, be hapi!

Inspired by

This repo was inspired by the following projects and their authors


NEW Theming System WIP

  • Drop in themes
    • Drop your theme inside the Themes folder and it will just work.
  • Theme switcher extension: swtich to other themes on the fly.
  • Fallback to default theme.
  • Themes included
    • Default (light theme)
    • Alternative (dark theme)
  • Powered by Radium.

NEW Extensions System WIP

  • Drop in extensions
    • Drop your extension inside the Extensions folder and it will just work.
    • Extensions can have react components and redux reducers.
  • Examples included
    • Counter
    • Theme switcher.

User Accounts

  • Create/Update user accounts
  • Login/Logout
  • Set language (english/spanish)
  • Access/Refresh token sessions (Oauth2)

User Rooms (powered by

  • Users can create multiple chat rooms
  • Users can see who is typing



Clone this repository

git clone


npm i hapi-react-starter-kit


npm install    

Production server

npm run prod   

Development server

npm run dev


npm run eslint
npm run jscs


To check coverage check the coverage folder after running the test. Tests are incomplete.

npm test

API Interface

Path: /api/v1/documentation

Deployment Guide

OpenShift Deployment


  • testing, testing, testing...
  • improve redux implementation
  • Testing
  • Coverage
  • Linting
  • Coveralls support
  • add redis
  • add socketio
  • add authentication
  • OpenShift Deployment guide
  • Heroku Deployment guide
  • Documentation
  • Fix webpack's HMR on server
  • Implement error handling on react components
  • Implement geolocalization
  • Implement styling and theming system
  • Implement layout system for themes
  • Implement extensions system
  • Implement pages system with routing
  • Invalidate reducers
  • More translations
  • Re-structure components and pages
  • Scaling Redis/Socketio
  • Social integration with bell for user accounts