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Hapi plugin wrapping the JS Algolia Search client

Algolia is a "Search Engine as a Service", with high performance, great docs, and API clients available for many languages. Check it out !

Table of Contents


$ npm install hapi-algolia-search



const HapiAlgoliaSearch = require('hapi-algolia-search');
const plugin = {
    register: HapiAlgoliaSearch,
    options: {
        appId: 'ABCDEFGHIJ',
        indexPrefix: 'dev_', //optional 
        indexes: { 
            Users: 'usersIndex', 
            Products: 'productsIndex'
        clientOptions: {
            timeout: 1000
server.register(plugin, (err) => {
     if (err) {
         console.log('Failed loading plugin');

Via manifest

    "servers": [{
        "port": 8080
    "plugins": {
        "hapi-algolia-search": {
            "appId": "ABCDEFGHIJ",
            "indexPrefix": "dev_",
            "indexes": { 
                "Users": "usersIndex", 
                "Products": "productsIndex"
            "clientOptions": {
                "timeout": 1000

Configuration options

  • appId (required) your Algolia API App ID
  • apiKey (required) your Algolia API Api key
  • indexes (optional) you can specify indexes that will be automatically initialized and exposed by the plugin
  • indexPrefix (optional) a prefix you want to apply to all index names, i.e to reflect your current environment (
  • clientOptions (optional) see


In your route handler :

    method: "GET",
    path: "/search/{term}",
    handler: function(request, reply) {
        const term = request.params.term;
        // search in the "product" index, initialized in the configuration example 
        const productIndex = request.server.plugins['hapi-algolia-search'].indexes.Products;, function(err, results){
            if(err) { return reply(err); } //please do a better error handling than this 
            // or reply(results.hits) 
        // or access the client directly for multiple indexes queries or other advanced stuff 
        // see the official client docs : 
        const algoliaClient = request.server.plugins['hapi-algolia-search'].client

Questions and contributing

Any issues or questions (no matter how basic), open an issue. Please check if it's not an issue with the Algolia API first. Also, please take the initiative to include basic debugging information like operating system and relevant version details such as:

$ npm version
#{ 'hapi-algolia-search': '1.0.0-alpha',
#  npm: '3.3.12',
#  ares: '1.10.1-DEV',
#  http_parser: '2.6.0',
#  icu: '56.1',
#  modules: '47',
#  node: '5.1.0',
#  openssl: '1.0.2d',
#  uv: '1.7.5',
#  v8: '',
#  zlib: '1.2.8' }

Contributions are welcome. Your code should:

If you're changing something non-trivial, you may want to submit an issue first.