12 Packages by lbdremy

  • apa-client An Amazon Product Advertising API client.
  • csv-stream Simple CSV stream
  • ensembles Return an array of ensembles based on the given ensemble and gap
  • grunt-cordova-cli Run cordova commands.
  • hnp The hasNestedProperty method missing in Object. This module does not extend Object.
  • httperror HTTPError extends Error. var err = new HTTPError(req,res,'my message');
  • object-mapper-stream Map an object against a desired object and apply some transformations in a stream context
  • premailer-client Premailer API client for node.js
  • prixing-client A Prixing API library. Prixing is a product comparator service based on bar code to find the lowest prices.
  • scrapinode content driven and route based scraper
  • solr-client A Solr client library for indexing, adding, deleting, committing, optimizing and searching documents within an Apache Solr installation (version>=3.2)
  • superconsole Prepends handies informations before your logs as you wish.(timestamp, callsite, loglevel)