SAP HANA access for nodejs via odbc.


node.js connection using node-odbc to


node-odbc will need a odbc driver to connect to HANA. I have used unixodbc so far. For using it make sure you setup a data source (DSN) that points to a HANA instance. Here is a description for how to setup an odbc connection on Ubuntu.

node-hana is on npm, to install it run

$ npm install node-hana

If a corporate firewall is bugging npm try

$ npm --proxy http://proxy.pal.sap.corp:8080 --strict-ssl false install

To install from github do

$ git clone https://github.com/rksm/node-hana.git
$ cd node-hana
$ npm install


The test.js file shows how to connect to and query a database. It uses the SFLIGHT schema by default. To test if it works make sure your DB includes this schema and run

$ node test.js username password

server.js shows how you can provide a HTTP interface with a expressjs-like backend.

To just use the programatic interface require hana-interface.js ast it is done in test.js and server.js.


MIT License