16 Packages by robertkrahn

  • ace.improved For a better ace editor
  • file-fuser subserver to combine files for caching
  • hana-odbc SAP HANA access for nodejs via odbc.
  • life_star Another web server for Lively
  • lively-davfs Manager for versioning and reading / writing resources.
  • lively-git-helper Lively Kernel Git Helper
  • lively-loader Load Lively Kernel modules into node.js
  • lively.ast Parsing JS code into ASTs and tools to query and transform these trees.
  • lively.lang JavaScript utils providing useful abstractions for working with collections, functions, objects
  • lively.vm Controlled JavaScript code execution and instrumentation.
  • lively2lively Connect any node.js or browser application to a lively2lively network.
  • livelykernel Core modules of the Lively Kernel
  • livelykernel-scripts Scripts and minimal server for running, testing and maintaining LivelyKernel
  • nrepl-client node client to interact with a Clojure nREPL server.
  • paredit.js Generic parser and editor for s-expressions.
  • watch-interface Recursively gather file meta data starting at a root directory. An interface to other file watching libs (currently mainly gaze).