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Floobits Status

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#floobits on Freenode


Watch for new files in a directory. Eat them and run jobs contained in them.

Development status: Pretty stable. We've been using it in production for a couple of years.


npm install -g gurgitator


gurgitator /path/to/jobs

Jobs directory

The jobs directory should contain sub-directories for each type of job you want to process. In each sub-directory, you need a hook.js. The on-disk layout should look like this:

│ └─hook.js


hook.js should export a function that accepts three parameters:

  1. The path of the file being handled.
  2. An object containing the parsed JSON of the file being handled.
  3. A callback for when your handler is finished.

Like so:

module.exports = function (path, data, cb) {
  console.log(path, "contains", data);
  cb(); // Don't forget to call the callback!

To exercise this code, echo '{ "blah": "blah" } > /path/to/jobs/do_something/any_file_name.json'. The only restriction on file names is that they must have the .json extension. Gurgitator ignores all other extensions.