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A plugin for gulp-runner-tdp which:

  • Can be configured with one or more (glob-able) source path patterns and corresponding output locations to build your CSS files
  • Will create one gulp task per configuration
  • Will create an "all" gulp task - this will run all your configurations in one task
  • Can (configurably, you have options including enable/disable for each) build your CSS by running it through:
    • A destination clean step
    • sourcemaps (to create a sourcemap)
    • concat (to concatenate multiple javascript files into one)
    • autprefix (to automatically prefix your CSS rules with relevant vendor prefixes)
    • minify (to minify your CSS files)


This project aims to maintain the semver version numbering scheme.


See the changelog file


  • Node runtime - either:
    • Node >= 0.11 (or IOJS >= 1.0)
  • Installation:
    • NPM
    • Git/GitHub
  • gulp

NPM/Node package dependencies




Ensure that you have installed gulp-runner-tdp in your project root.

Installation is super simple, in your command line terminal, just cd to your project root and run:

npm install gulp-runner-tdp-plugin-build-css --save-dev


This library is intended to be used as a plugin for gulp-runner-tdp, tasks it registers will appear as gulp tasks in that context.


The default configuration file for this plugin will be copied into (relative to your project root) ./gulp-runner-tdp/config/gulp-runner-tdp-plugin-build-js-config.js - this file will be preferred over the distributed configuration file at run time and is intended to be modified (to be project-specific) by the user and kept in source control (e.g. git/svn/mercurial etc.)

For an example, see the default configuration file, the source is annotated and should be pretty intuitive (please raise an issue if you feel otherwise so I have your feedback).


If you find a bug, please let me know via an issue.


If you have ideas for improvements or want to contribute a bug fix, please create an issue first so we can discuss and make sure we don't duplicate efforts and that the idea is in the right direction for the plugin.


This plugin is released under an MIT license. Please drop me a line if you use the plugin so I have an idea of usage.