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Gulp list helps you list all your available tasks in the console. Especially helpful for bigger projects.


npm install gulp-list --save-dev

Simply create a JSON file with your list of tasks:


    "task": "This is a task",
    "task 2": "This task does this thing",
    "task 3": "What was the point in making task 3...this is just an example"

You also add WARN tags to your description to display further highlighted information to the user. e.g. It may be a private or CI build task.

    "task": "This task is private. WARN: So I will tell you it is private"

Then use with gulp like this:

var gulpList = require('gulp-list');
gulp.task('help', function () {

This will then print out your list of tasks to the console (note: The task name will be highighted blue and any WARN's will be highlighted red)

Available Tasks:
task      This is a task
task 2    This task does this thing
task 3    What was the point in making task 3...this is just an example