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    Output beautiful custom help text for your gulp tasks and parameters.

    • Lets you make help text specific to your project's gulpfile - for both tasks and environment flags - which can then be accessed via the command line (e.g. 'gulp help').

    • Automatically generates and displays list of tasks. Tasks can be excluded if not wanted on the help list ('private'/'internal' tasks). Descriptions added to each task via the plugin.

    • "Usage" information displayed at the top.

    • Wraps and indents the help text, linux 'man' style.


    npm install --save-dev gulp-display-help


    gulp.task('help', displayHelp(gulp.tasks [, descriptions, excludes, flagDescriptions])

    • gulp.tasks must always be the first parameter.

    • descriptions {Object} format:

      { "taskname1": "taskDescription1", "taskName2": "taskDescription2", "etc": "etc"}

    • excludes {Array} format:

      ["taskToExcludeFromHelp1", "taskToExcludeFromHelp2", "item3", "item4", "etc"]

    • flagDescriptions {Object} format:

      {"--gulpCliParameter1": "gulpCliParameter1Description", "gulpParam2": "gulpDescription2", "--etc": "etc" }


    var displayHelp = require('gulp-display-help');
    gulp.task('help', gulp.tasks, displayHelp(
      // For the below items, each key corresponds to a gulp task, & each value is its
      // definition in the gulp help output text. gulp tasks not defined stil appear in
      // the gulp help output (unless excluded -  see below), but without a definition.
        default: '1) a) compiles app: converts NodeJS --> JS & concats it' +
                 'all libs into a single js file; b) compiles SCSS --> CSS;' +
                 ' c)compiles html templates; d) grabs static resources; & ' +
                 'e) copies everything used into build folder.\n2)backs ' +
                 'project up into separate local folder. \n3) watches src ' +
                 'folder for changes, & auto-recompiles when a change occurs',
        'test': 'run jasmine tests, launch & test in a js runtime env with karma;',
        'backup': 'Backs up src files into a local folder',
        'help': 'displays this help text'
      // Exclude the below tasks from help output
      }, [ 
      // Command-line flags
        "--production": 'full production-ready compile: same as default with a few changes: 1) ' +
                        'comments removed; 2) calls to js loggers removed; 3) dev-only sections of html' +
                        'removed; 4) production-only blocks of html uncommented; 5) *TODO* css, js, &' +
                        'html minified; & 6) Static resources compressed.',
        '--once': 'runs the compile only once, without watching for subsequent changes'

    Features automatic wrapping, indenting, and adjustment of definitions.


    npm i gulp-display-help

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