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📊 gtag-ga

Google Analytics 4 (gtag.js) for NodeJS ES Module. Simple installation to send page views or event tracking.

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  • ⚡️ Lightweight modules & quick setup & fast performance
  • ⚡️ Zero dependency packages. ESM packages available everywhere
  • ⚡️ Support for the latest NodeJS, Google Analytics 4
  • ⚡️ Support for TypeScript


gtag-ga requires Node.js 12.x or higher, and the repository is serviced through NPM.

After configuring the node environment, you can simply run the following command.

# via npm
$ npm install gtag-ga

# via yarn
$ yarn add gtag-ga

# via pnpm
$ pnpm install gtag-ga

How to use

Recommend: Using named import (Multiple utilities in a single require)

import { initializeGtag } from 'gtag-ga';

initializeGtag('G-XXXXXXXXXX'); // Your tracking code

Using whole class (multiple utilities simultaneously with one object)

import GtagGA from 'gtag-ga';

GtagGA.initializeGtag('G-XXXXXXXXXX'); // Your tracking code


initializeGtag (void)

Enable gtag.js in your webpage environment. Ideally, it should only be called once at the start (but multiple calls won't hurt). The first argument value should include your Google Analytics tracking ID, which starts with G-.

  • (Required) trackingId::string
  • config::object
initializeGtag('G-XXXXXXXXXX'); // Your tracking code

gtag (void)

The usage of this function is the same as the gtag functions used in regular gtag.js.

Learn more in the official gtag.js documentation at:

gtag('event', 'eventName', { 'key': 'value' });


You can report issues on GitHub Issue Tracker. You can also request a pull to fix bugs and add frequently used features.


Copyright © 2023 Jooy2 <> Released under the MIT license.

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