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Download it on NPM: npm install grunt2gulp

Converts a Gruntfile.js to a gulp-compliant file. Why? Because if you're going to create a new tool to replace an old one, why not automate the process of porting configuration files over.

In the future, a standard for building JavaScript files should emerge and be usable by whatever build tools exist. Maybe something like GNU Make? Ah, but that's a mere fantasy...


Print out a gulp file to standard output:

grunt2gulp.js Gruntfile.js

Save the generated gulp file:

grunt2gulp.js Gruntfile.js > gulpfile.js

Drawbacks, Caveats

This is a very very rough tool, you will need to go over the generated gulp file to ensure that it works and is correct.

To see the difference, run the examples/simple-gruntfile.js through grunt2gulp and compare it to examples/simple-gulpfile.js. It got 90% of the way to a complete conversion though and it took only a bit of tweaking to get it to that state.

If there are duplicate tasks, a warning is added to the code.

How does it work?

It loads up the Gruntfile and emulates Grunt's API. When it's done looping through all the tasks in the grunt config, it shoves them into definitions or tasks. Definitions are non-objects, like strings, which need to be declared as variables when using Gulp. Tasks are converted into Gulp tasks but some special cases have to be handled, such as Karma and Watch.

Hacking on grunt2gulp

The code is dirty because Grunt is very permissive in its input. You can specify files in multiple ways: as a string, as a list of strings, or within a files property as a string or list. If Grunt were more modular it would be possible to just rip out the parser that Grunt uses to turn a config into a set of tasks without also importing the task running capability and all the other stuff.

The core functions you will want to check out are processGruntTask and processGruntConfig.

How to Report Issues

When reporting an issue with grunt2gulp.js, please try to include the Gruntfile that you were trying to convert and the error message that you received.

You can report issues here:


You can generate the documentation using jsdoc:

jsdoc node_modules/grunt2gulp/bin/grunt2gulp.js


Licensed under the GPL version 3 or later.

Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Rudolf Olah

See LICENSE for full text of license.



npm i grunt2gulp

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