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grunt-socko - Grunt-Plugin for SOCKO! Build Status Coverage Status npm


This is the Grunt frontend for the Socko-framework. It works mostly identical to the Socko-CLI application working on directories and files. You might read the introduction there first to get an overview of SOCKO's features.


Install the plugin using

npm install grunt-socko --save-dev

In your Gruntfile.js, load the tasks of the plugin by adding the line


Now you're equipped with a "socko" task, that you can configure and run using the usual Grunt features.


The plugin does not work with the usual Grunt files-options as it specifically requires one input, one output and one node. You can configure those in the options object of your task configuration:

socko: {
  nodeA: {
    options: {
      input: "basic",
      output: "output.basic",
      node: "nodeA"
  nodeB: {
    options: {
      input: "basic",
      output: "output.basic",
      node: "nodeA:nodeB"

The following options are required:

  • input: The path to the input directory
  • output: The path to the output directory
  • node: The node to process

For other options, please see the API documentation of the SockoOptionsInterface

Migrating from Socko 1.0.0

Please see the notes from the CLI about the breaking changes between SOCKO! 1 and 2