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GPT Turbo - Implementation - CLI

npm i -g gpt-turbo-cli License: MIT

A CLI that interacts with the gpt-turbo library

GPT Turbo Demo


npm install -g gpt-turbo-cli


# Display help for the CLI
gpt-turbo --help

# Start a conversation with the GPT model
gpt-turbo -k <your OpenAI API key>

# Stream the conversation just like ChatGPT
gpt-turbo -k <your OpenAI API key> -s

CLI Options

Here's a table of the CLI options. Note that all CLI arguments can also be passed as environment variables. For example, you can pass your OpenAI API key as GPTTURBO_APIKEY instead of -k. Arguments always take precedence over environment variables. Refer to the library's conversation config for more information on the options default values.

While GPTTURBO_* environment variables must have the value "false" to be set to false, arguments need to be prefixed with --no-. e.g. --no-stream to set streaming to false.

Argument Alias Environment Type Description Default Required
apiKey k GPTTURBO_APIKEY string Your OpenAI API key (library default)
dry d GPTTURBO_DRY boolean Run the CLI without sending requests to OpenAI (mirror input as output) (library default)
model m GPTTURBO_MODEL string The model to use. (library default)
context c GPTTURBO_CONTEXT string The first system message to set the context for the GPT model (library default)
disableModeration M GPTTURBO_DISABLEMODERATION boolean Disable message moderation. When left enabled, if dry is true and apiKey is specified, message will still be moderated, since the Moderation API is free. (library default)
stream s GPTTURBO_STREAM boolean Streams the message instead of waiting for the complete result (library default)
soft S GPTTURBO_SOFTMODERATION boolean Keep moderating messages, but don't throw an error if the message is not approved. Ignored if disableModeration is true. false
usage u GPTTURBO_SHOWUSAGE boolean Show the usage window at app start false
debug D GPTTURBO_SHOWDEBUG boolean Show the debug window at app start false
save GPTTURBO_SAVE boolean | string Save the conversation to a json file. Set to true to use a default timestamped filename, or set to a string to use that as the filename. false
load GPTTURBO_LOAD string Load a previously saved conversation from a json file. false

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