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An ES6 highly scriptable, configurable, and network capable service container server for Node JS.

What is the purpose of Gorgon?

Gorgon provides a server daemon, command line interface (CLI), and API that can be used to create robust network based services. You can create scripted services that can be used to develop software defined networks of instanced micro services. Services run in service containers that can easily mount network and storage services. In the future we will also include a cross node communication network layer to easily scale your services to any size needed.

Latest News

  • RELEASE: Gorgon v0.1.3 is out - updates the service monitor ui / ux. This service can be used as an example to build more services - grab it in releases!
  • Update: Initial Travis-ci support. If the build shows as broke, don't worry - it 'should' run.

System Requirements

  • Node JS v5.11 or greater
  • Extra: System Build Tools (For Electron Apps - Run: npm run install-global)

Installation via Git

  • Clone this repository
  • Enter the directory.
  • In your console: npm install
  • Run the server: npm run babel

Installation via NPM

  • npm install gorgon
  • NOTE: NPM installation has not been tested or refined yet.

Installation from Source

  • You can obtain the full source code/package in releases.


  • Run the test suite: npm test

Dev Mode

  • Run the server: npm run babel-debug


Gorgon is a collection of applications that allow for a robust network service infrastructure.

Application Status
Server Alpha
Web CLI Development
WebSocket Client Development

Current Features

  • NOTE: This is currently pre-alpha, we will update the documentation as the server becomes more stable and capable.
Feature Status
Config Beta
Logger Beta
Access Logs Alpha
Middleware Alpha
Routing Alpha
Service Containers Beta
Network Components Beta
Storage Beta
Status Service Alpha
Sessions Development

Networking Support

Feature Status
Web Sockets Beta
REST HTTP/1.1 Beta
HTTP/1.1 Beta
TCP/IP Sockets Beta
HTTP/2.0 Development
Streams Development

Planned API Integrations

Feature Status
Mongo Development
MySQL Development
AWS Development

Have a contribution?

Please feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests.

Found a Bug or Have a Suggestion?

Please report your bug or suggestion to the issues section.


  • Ryan Rentfro - rrentfro at gmail dot com


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