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go with ease

CLI tool to use online hosted boilerplates in a fast and easy way.


The installation is as simple as possible.

$ npm -g install go

Or like in the example below, if you prefer Yarn.

$ yarn global add go


# Setup boilerplate from to the ./simple directory
$ go vuejs-templates/simple
> Code is ready! Check it in the "simple" directory.
# Create alias for easier usage
$ go alias wp-theme-html5 zencoder/html5-boilerplate-for-wordpress
> wp-theme-html5 is aliased with "zencoder/html5-boilerplate-for-wordpress"
# Setup wp-theme-html5 to the ./template directory
$ go wp-theme-html5 ./template
> Code is ready! Check it in the "./template" directory.
# See all aliases
$ go alias
>  Aliases list
> wp-theme-html5:  zencoder/html5-boilerplate-for-wordpress

Compability with Go language

You don't need to worry about the intersection with Go Lang CLI tool. go will manage that for you in a smart way: whenever you run go command in your shell, it will determine if this command is related to the Go Lang, and if it is go will forward the execution to it.

Even more, you can create aliases for Go Lang CLI:

$ go alias main build main.go
$ go main
$ ./main


MIT © Stanislav Termosa