glicko2 ranking system

Glicko 2 javascript implementation

The Glicko-2 rating system is a method for assessing a player's strength in games of skill, such as chess and go. The algorithm is explained by its author, Mark E. Glickman, on

Each player begins with a rating, a rating deviation (accuracy of the rating) and a volatility (speed of rating evolution). These values will evolve according to the outcomes of matches with other players.

First we initiate a ranking manager and create players with initial ratings, rating deviations and volatilities.

var glicko2 = require('glicko2');
var settings = {
  // tau : "Reasonable choices are between 0.3 and 1.2, though the system should 
  //       be tested to decide which value results in greatest predictive accuracy." 
  tau : 0.5,
  // rating : default rating 
  rating : 1500,
  //rd : Default rating deviation 
  //     small number = good confidence on the rating accuracy 
  rd : 200,
  //vol : Default volatility (expected fluctation on the player rating) 
  vol : 0.06
var ranking = new glicko2.Glicko2(settings);
// Create players 
var Ryan = ranking.makePlayer();
var Bob = ranking.makePlayer(1400, 30, 0.06);
var John = ranking.makePlayer(1550, 100, 0.06);
var Mary = ranking.makePlayer(1700, 300, 0.06);

We can then enter results, calculate the new ratings...

var matches = [];
matches.push([Ryan, Bob, 1]); //Ryan won over Bob 
matches.push([Ryan, John, 0]); //Ryan lost against John 
matches.push([Ryan, Mary, 0.5]); //A draw between Ryan and Mary 

... and get these new ratings.

console.log("Ryan new rating: " + Ryan.getRating());
console.log("Ryan new rating deviation: " + Ryan.getRd());
console.log("Ryan new volatility: " + Ryan.getVol());

Get players list

var players = ranking.getPlayers();

You should not update the ranking after each match. The typical use of glicko is to calculate the ratings after each tournament (ie collection of matches in a period of time). A player rating will evolve after a tournament has finished, but not during the tournament.

You can see a client side javascript example using tournaments here :

Here is what says Mark E. Glickman about the number of matches in a tournament or rating period (cf. ) :

The Glicko-2 system works best when the number of games in a rating period is moderate to large, say an average of at least 10-15 games per player in a rating period.