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🪩 Gleamy

Welcome to Gleamy, the magical React component library that's sure to make your projects sparkle! With Gleamy, you'll be able to bring a piñata to a funeral, a disco ball to a library, and even a unicorn to a board meeting! It's like adding a touch of fairy dust to even the most dull-as-dishwater projects. With its stunning colors and dynamic animations, Gleamy is sure to turn heads and leave your users mesmerized. So why settle for boring and bland when you can add a little sparkle to your life with Gleamy?


For complete documentation, see

To try it before installing, use the Configurator

You can try the configurator here: After being done, you can use the "code"-tab in the editor to copy your code and use it directly in your project, or save your swatches first.

Quick start



npm install gleamy


Add some shine:

import { GleamyProvider, Gold } from 'gleamy';

    <Gold height="200" width="200" />

Add some sparkle:

import { GleamyProvider, Glitter } from 'gleamy';

    <Glitter height="200" width="200" />

Available components:

Metals: BlueSteel, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Gunmetal, RoseGold, Silver, Steel Plastics: Iridescent, Lacquer Particles: Glitter Compound: Holographic

Support Gleamy

If you find Gleamy useful, please consider supporting its development! You can make a one-time donation on Ko-fi, PayPal or become a supporter on GitHub or Open Collective. Your support will help me continue to improve and maintain this project. Additionally, if you're unable to contribute financially, leaving a star on the GitHub repo or sharing Gleamy with others is also greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!"

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