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    GladeJS is a simple Rollup setup for bundling Web Sites built with Marko and Eleventy.

    If the above description does not speak to you, try one of these for size :

    • This is a Jamstack dual SSG / SSR frontend framework using Rollup
    • It transforms your "pages" into a modern web "_site" ready for Prod
    • It is the best bundler (you're not using) combined with the simplest
      SSG (you want to use) and the fastest UI lib (you've never heard of)
    • In the end, it is nothing more than a well documented Rollup config

    Or maybe listing what it's not and doesn't do will give you a better idea :

    • This is not yet another framework to learn (the CLI is Rollup's, the configuration is Eleventy's)
    • The tools are not hidden, you interact directly with Eleventy, PostCSS, Terser, Babel, CSSnano,...
    • It does not force any JS in the output (unless you use Marko's client-side components, of course)
    • You will not find any mention of SPA, routes, servers, nor any GladeJS special API or <Link> tag

    This project requires NodeJS v14.x or superior and the included "npm" CLI v6.14 or superior.
    It is tested on the latest versions of NodeJS v14, v15 & v16 on MacOS, Ubuntu and Windows.


    The complete installation instructions are in this section, don't look for any more details, it's all here.

    Automatic (not ready yet)

    A "@gladejs/create" automatic initialization package is planned for the v1.0 release.
    It will allow for a simple "npm init @gladejs MyWebSite" installation, but not yet.

    Manual (in 3 easy steps)

    1. Create a new NodeJS project & install GladeJS as a "devDependency" :
    mkdir MyWebSite && cd MyWebSite
    npm init -y && npm i -D gladejs
    1. Replace the "scripts" section in your new "package.json" file with :
    "scripts": {
        "vite": "rollup -c --watch --environment VITE_ENV",
        "live": "rollup -c --watch",
        "build": "rollup -c",
        "clean": "rimraf build _site",
        "build:prod": "rollup -c --environment NODE_ENV:production"
    1. Copy the GladeJS Rollup configuration file into your project folder :
    npx shx cp node_modules/gladejs/rollup.config.mjs .

    Documentation [WIP]

    The bare minimum to get you started is here, but you'll find detailed information in the "docs" folder.

    Rollup Configuration

    A single "rollup.config.mjs" file is used to configure your build process.
    If you are not a NodeJS and/or Rollup guru, fret not, the defaults are just fine.
    Nevertheless, give it a quick glance, it's relatively organised and documented.

    NPM Command Scripts

    GladeJS is directly controlled via NPM scripts, using the following commands :

    • "npm run vite" to run ViteJS "watch mode" for fast development
    • "npm run live" to run Rollup "watch mode" for live development
    • "npm run build" to bundle your project without any minification
    • "npm run clean" to delete all files & folders created by GladeJS
    • "npm run build:prod" to bundle your project with minification

    Pages & Components

    The files & folders structure is marked by a distinctive lack of imagination :

    • Web Pages go into the "pages" input dir and Marko UI Components into the "components" dir.
    • There is "layouts" for 11ty Layouts, "includes" for Includes and "datastores" for Data Files.
    • CSS Styles are picked up from any "style.{css|less|sass|scss|styl}" file placed next to any
      "index.{html|md|marko|11ty.js|liquid|njk|hbs|mustache|ejs|haml|pug|jstl}" page.

    Assets & Resources

    Static assets are pulled in using relative, absolute or NPM package file paths :

    • Using the standard ESM "import" keyword at the top of any page for CSS, JS and images.
    • Using the "src" attribute or any normal HTML resource tag ("script", "style", "link").

    CSS & JS resources are "swallowed" by Rollup to be bundled, chunked and pressed.

    • Don't forget to inject them back into the HTML HEAD tag using "<gladejs-rollup />".
    • Use the name, type, scoped & rollup="ignore|bundle" attributes for more control.

    Now, enter the GladeJS "docs", follow the floating possum around 11ty or RTFMD (Read The Fabulous Marko Docs).

    Contributing [WIP]

    While still in early development, everything is in place to receive your contributions.

    • Get acquainted with the project PHILOSOPHY and general direction
    • Consult the ROADMAP to see where things stand and what's the master plan
    • Look for low hanging fruits in the "Open Issues Status" project board
    • Read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines carefully, they are short and to the point

    You are now ready to contribute, so ... where is the code ? Mostly in another castle, Mario.

    Finally, GladeJS relies on over 22 major OSS projects, including 7 Rollup plugins,
    contributing to any of them, not only benefits this project, but also many others.


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