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    Gitg0 generates commit titles (with relevant emojis) and branch names for you. You have the ability to configure the format of the Sugggested Commit Titles and Branch Names, and change emojis according to your preference in the .gitgo file.


    Not to shout at you but PLEASE HEAD OVER TO


    The tool is available as an NPM package over here.

    Before installing the package, download and install Node.js.

    Then, you can install it by simple running the following command:

    npm i -g gitg0


    Currently, we have the following 7 commands:

    gtg config

    Use this to set up your project's gitgo configuration. You will be asked certain questions regarding your commit and emoji preferences.

    gtg version

    Use this to check the version of your installed gitg0 package.

    gtg whoami

    Use this to get the list of commands along with their functions.

    gtg start

    Use this before you you start working on a new issue so that we can suggest the branch names and commit messages automatically.

    gtg display

    Use this to view the suggested branch name and commit title. You can also edit the suggested text based on your preference. This command should be run after gtg start.

    gtg checkout

    This is a replacement for git checkout -b and will simply checkout with gitgo's suggested branch name.

    gtg commit

    This is a replacement for git commit -m and will commit your files once added with gitgo's suggested commit message.

    Contributor guidelines

    • Before contributing, go through the Code of Conduct and the Contributor Guidelines.
    • If you find any bugs in the application, or a feature you think would be nice to have, please open an issue.
    • Continue reading the rest of the README to get the build instructions.
    • For detailed information and screenshots of the project, please head over to the project wiki.

    Development setup

    Before setting up the project, download and install Node.js.

    After cloning the project, you need to execute the following commands to install and work on the project locally:

    # This will install all the needed dependencies
    npm install
    # This will install the project from source locally in your system
    npm install -g ./


    This project is released under a free and open-source software license, GPL-3.0 License (LICENSE. The documentation is also released under a free documentation license, namely the GFDL v1.3 license or later.


    Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the GPL-3.0 License, shall be licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.




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