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Create remote repositories on GitHub/Bitbucket from your terminal.



Click here to watch a short 3-minute screencast on YouTube.


$ npm i gitclick -g


gitclick create [<repository>] [as <organization>] [on <account>] [options]
  <repository>      Defaults to the name of the current folder
  <organization>    Defaults to personal account
  <account>         Defaults to the default account
  --set-remote      Add the created repo as remote ('origin' if not set to anything else)
  --no-issues       Create the repository without issues
  --no-wiki         Create the repository without a wiki
  --private         Create the repository privately
gitclick use <account>       Set <account> as default account
gitclick add                 Interactive prompt for creating a new account
gitclick remove <account>    Remove <account>
gitclick list                List your existing accounts
gitclick default             Displays default account
gitclick encrypt             Encrypt your configuration with a password
gitclick decrypt             Permanently decrypt your configuration
gitclick -v, --version       Output version number
gitclick -h, --help          Output usage information


Assume that we are in a folder called my-project. We have added two accounts to gitclick: personal (default) and work.

Create a repository called my-project on account personal:

$ gitclick create

Create a repository called my-project on account work:

$ gitclick create on work

Create a repository called awesome-project on account personal:

$ gitclick create awesome-project

Create a private repository with neither issues nor a wiki:

$ gitclick create --no-issues --no-wiki --private

Create a private repository called secret-project on account work and add it as remote origin afterwards:

$ gitclick create secret-project on work --private --set-remote

Create a repository called my-project and add it as remote secret afterwards:

$ gitclick create secret-project on work --set-remote=secret


You can specify where gitclick should store its configuration through the environment variable GITCLICK_STORAGE_PATH. For example, if you would like to sync your gitclick configuration via Dropbox, you could add something like this to your profile:

export GITCLICK_STORAGE_PATH=~/Dropbox/.gitclick