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git-hooks-plus is forked from git-hooks-js and supports Windows.

git-hooks-plus is an utility for managing and running project git hooks for nodejs projects.

It has zero dependecies and easy to use.

Just install git-hooks and it will run your hooks when a hook is called by git.

Why do you need git hooks in your project?

Hooks are little scripts you can place in $GIT_DIR/hooks directory to trigger action at certain points.

They are very powerful and helpful.

You can do a lot of things with them:

Note. When you use git-hooks-plus, you should not modify $GIT_DIR/hooks directory manually because git-hooks-plus will do it for you.

Supported platforms

  • Unix
  • macOS
  • Windows


Install git-hooks-plus in your project.

npm install git-hooks-plus --save-dev

To keep things organized, git-hooks-plus looks for scripts in sub-directories named after the git hook name. All these sub-directories should be stored in .githooks directory in the project root.

Let's create some dummy pre-commit hook.

mkdir -p .githooks/pre-commit
echo -e '#!/usr/bin/env node' "\nconsole.log('hi!');" > .githooks/pre-commit/hello.js
chmod +x .githooks/pre-commit/hello.js  # This may not working in Windows, but don't worry, hello.js will be executed through node 

Then just try to commit and see how things are rolling.

git add .githooks package.json
git commit -m "Add git-hooks"

See also hooks examples.

It's worth to mention that our library checks for gitignore rules while executing scripts in .githooks/ directories.

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