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Ghost S3 File Store

This plugin allows you to use S3 as a file store for your ghost installation. It comes configured to allow for cloudfront domains and fall back to S3 domains. This plugin is known to work in version 0.5.7 of Ghost and with minimal change to the ghost source.


npm install --save ghost-s3-file-store


In your ghost config.js setup the necessary blocks of information. This includes setting up an aws key for each environment as so:

fileStore: 'ghost-s3-file-store',
aws: {
  accessKeyId: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
  secretAccessKey: process.env.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
  bucket: process.env.AWS_BUCKET,
  region: process.env.AWS_REGION,
  assetHost: proccess.env.AWS_ASSET_HOST # Optional

Then all you need to do is open up the core/server/storage/index.js file and change it to look like this:

var errors  = require('../errors'),
config  = require('../config'),
storage = {}; 

function getStorage(storageChoice) {
    // TODO: this is where the check for storage apps should go
    // Local file system is the default.  Fow now that is all we support.
    storageChoice = config.fileStore;

    if (storage[storageChoice]) {
        return storage[storageChoice];

    try {
        // TODO: determine if storage has all the necessary methods.
        storage[storageChoice] = require('./' + storageChoice);
    } catch (e) {
        try {
            storage[storageChoice] = require(storageChoice);
        } catch (e) {

    // Instantiate and cache the storage module instance.
    storage[storageChoice] = new storage[storageChoice]();

    return storage[storageChoice];

module.exports.getStorage = getStorage;


Feel free to post comments or issues in the issues tab, I will be more then willing to help out on any issues you have getting this configured.