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Warning: do not use this unless you know what you're doing. There is no support.

I only published this so that I would personally have a way to install ghost via npm in a node v6 / npm v3 environment. However, the repo is public so potentially someone else might find it useful.

This package:

  • removes the semver node engine check so that it installs without complaint on any version of node
  • removes the shrinkwrapped package.json
  • allows dependencies to use the latest minor semver version (added ^ in package.json)
  • npm version you get from npm install ghost-node6 is the stable branch; the client admin ember app is built with node v4.4.3 (ember-cli version used in ghost does not support node 6)

Ghost devs do not support this way of using ghost. That being said, "it works for me" - YMMV.

The ghost team is not providing support for node v6 yet. Please use the official package unless you want the specific changes made in this package.

Official Ghost Github Repository