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What is genezio?

genezio is a developer platform for full-stack developers or teams who need to build, run and maintain web, mobile or enterprise apps with a typesafe backend that scales automatically.

For more details on how to use genezio, you can check out the official documentation.

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  • 💡 Full static type-safety with auto-completion in your favorite editor.
  • 🧩 Typesafe RPC: Ensuring type safety and IDE auto-completion across diverse languages like TypeScript, Dart, Kotlin and Go, by leveraging advanced code analysis.
  • 🚀 Tested and production ready for Typescript.
    • Beta support for: GoLang, Kotlin and Dart.
  • 📦 Export the resulting SDK using dependency managers such as NPM Registry - private to your team or public for anybody to use.
  • 🌐 Framework agnostic: works with React, Vue, Angular, Flutter, Svelte, etc.
  • 🎯 Seamless Bundling and Compiling
  • Deploy with one command the backend and the frontend.
  • 🔄 Multiple staging environments supported as well as local development environment.
  • 🖥️ Dashboard: explore logs, env variables for different environments, Test interface and easy to access third party integration.
  • 👥 Collaboration: work alone or as a team - share the projects and dashboard features between team members with different access rights.
  • Queues: use them for your automation apps.
  • 🗄 Databases: provisioned by us or you can bring your own. The database is not exposed to the frontend directly. Table creation and CRUD boilerplate functions generated through LLM.
  • 🕒 Cron jobs: scheduled to be executed up to a minute granularity.

Getting Started

Check out our Getting started documentation page to find out how to start using Genezio.

For more details about the genezio CLI commands, run genezio help or genezio [command] help.

Test your project using the Test Interface

You can also test your code locally by running the following command in the server directory.

genezio local

This will spawn a local server that can be used for testing. Now, you can navigate to the Test Interface and test your project locally from GUI.

Test Interface

Once you are happy with your project, you can deploy it in a production environment by running: genezio deploy.

Commands Summary

The genezio CLI tool supports the commands shown in the following table:

Command Description
genezio Context aware, interactive command that simplifies project management. Learn more
genezio create fullstack <backend-template> <frontend-template> Create a new fullstack project based on two templates: one backend and one frontend. Learn more
genezio create backend <template> Create a new backend project based on a template. Learn more
genezio create frontend <template> Create a new frontend project based on a template. Learn more
genezio create templates [filter] Lists all the available starting templates. Learn more
genezio addClass <class-path> [<class-type>] Adds a new class to the 'genezio.yaml' file. Learn more
genezio sdk Generates an SDK corresponding to a deployed project. Learn more
genezio local --port <port> Runs a local environment with your project for testing purposes. Learn more
genezio deploy Deploys your project to the genezio infrastructure. Learn more
genezio list [<identifier>] Displays details of your projects. You can view them all at once or display a particular one by providing its name or ID. Learn more
genezio delete [<project-id>] Deletes the project described by the provided ID. If no ID is provided, lists all the projects and IDs. Learn more
genezio account Display information about the current account logged in. Learn more
genezio login <access-token> Authenticates with genezio platform to deploy your code. Learn more
genezio logout Logout from genezio platform. Learn more
genezio help / genezio <command> --help Displays help for the CLI tool.

Examples deployed with genezio

You can find out more about genezio from our examples repository.

Official documentation

How does genezio work?

genezio is using JSON RPC 2.0 to facilitate the communication between SDK and your class. Your functions are deployed in the Genezio infrastructure. The functions are not executed on a long lasting Virtual Machine. Instead, our system uses a serverless approach. Whenever a request is received, your code is loaded and executed. This is more cost and energy efficient. However, the developer needs to take into account the following - the values of the global variables are not persistent between runs.

Type safety is ensured by the generated SDK, even if the server and the client are not written in the same language. The CLI tool analyzes the server code generates client side types equivalent to the server side types, as well as functions with equivalent signatures.

Detailed documentation

To find more details on how to use genezio, check out the official documentation:

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the docs, don't hesitate to drop us a GitHub issue or start a discussion on Discord.

Getting support

We want you to get your project up and running in no-time.

If you find yourself in a pickle using genezio, drop us a GitHub issue, start a discussion with us on Discord or drop us an email at

System requirements

  • genezio can be installed and used on macOS, Linux-based distributions and Windows.
  • A version of node >= 16.0.0 should be installed on your machine.


For the most common issues that our users have dealt with, we created a Troubleshooting section in the documentation.

If you don't find the guidance there, drop us a GitHub issue. We are more than happy to help you!


Contributions are welcome! Please see our Contributing Guide for more details.

Show your support by giving us a star ⭐, to help others discover genezio and become part of our community!


There are a growing number of awesome projects deployed with genezio and we want to shout out about them.

If you deployed a project using genezio let us know on Discord and we will add it to our Hall Of Fame.

Hall Of Fame

Below you can find projects build by the community and deployed with genezio.

Check them out for inspiration:

If you've also built a project that you are proud of, please open a Pull Request adding it or let us know on Discord.


Brag to your friends that you are using genezio with this awesome badge -> deployed with: genezio

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genezio is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0. For more information, please refer to LICENSE.

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