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    React Static Boilerplate

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    Static website starter kit powered by React.js and Webpack


        ✓ Modern JavaScript syntax (ES2015+) via Babel
        ✓ Modern CSS syntax (CSS3+) via PostCSS
        ✓ Application state management via Redux
        ✓ Routing and navigation via React App, Universal Router, History
        ✓ Modular styles via CSS Modules
        ✓ Code-splitting and async chunk loading
        ✓ Hot Module Replacement (HMR) /w React Hot Loader
        ✓ Bundling and optimization with Webpack
        ✓ Cross-device testing with Browsersync
        ✓ Easy deployment to GitHub Pages, Amazon S3 or Firebase
        ✓ Yeoman generator (generator-react-sta)
        ✓ 24/7 community support on Gitter or StackOverflow
        ✓ Customization requests on Codementor



    Directory Layout

    ├── /build/                     # The folder for compiled output 
    ├── /node_modules/              # 3rd-party libraries and utilities 
    ├── /components/                # Shared/generic UI components 
    │   ├── /layout/                # Layout component 
    │   ├── /button/                # Button component 
    │   └── /...                    # etc. 
    ├── /core/                      # Core framework 
    │   ├── /app.js                 # Application entry point (bootstrap) 
    │   ├── /store.js               # Application state manager (Redux) 
    │   └── /...                    # etc. 
    ├── /routes/                    # View/screen UI components + routing information 
    │   ├── /about/                 # About page 
    │   ├── /error/                 # Error page 
    │   ├── /home/                  # Home page 
    │   └── /...                    # etc. 
    ├── /static/                    # Static files such as favicon.ico etc. 
    ├── /test/                      # Unit and integration tests 
    ├── /tools/                     # Build automation scripts and utilities 
    │── LICENSE.txt                 # Licensing information 
    │── package.json                # The list of project dependencies and NPM scripts 
    └──                   # Project overview / getting started guide 

    Getting Started

    Just clone the repo, install Node.js modules and run npm start:

    $ git clone -o generator-react-sta -b master --single-branch \
    cd MyApp
    $ npm install           # Install project dependencies listed in package.json 
    $ npm start             # Build and launch the app, same as "node tools/start.js" 

    NODE: Make sure that you have Node.js v6 installed on your local machine.

    How to Test

    The unit tests are powered by chai and mocha.

    $ npm test

    How to Deploy

    $ npm run deploy                # Deploys the project to GitHub Pages 

    Alternatively, you can build a production release to manually deploy to S3, Firebase, Netlify, and other static hosts. Simply run the command below and copy the generated build folder to your static host.

    $ npm run build release         # Build production release  

    How to Update

    You can always fetch and merge the recent changes from this repo back into your own project:

    $ git checkout master
    $ git fetch generator-react-sta
    $ git merge generator-react-sta/master
    $ npm install


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    Copyright © 2015-2016 Julian. This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE.txt file.

    Made with ♥ by Julian (@zanjs) and contributors




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