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generator-node creates a base template to start a new Node.js module.

It is also easily composed into your own generators so you can only target your efforts at your generator's specific features.


$ npm install --global generator-node


$ yo node

Note that this template will generate files in the current directory, so be sure to change to a new directory first if you don't want to overwrite existing files.

That'll generate a project with all the common tools setup. This includes:

  • Filled package.json file
  • jest unit test and code coverage (optionally tracked on Coveralls)
  • ESLint linting and code style checking
  • Travis CI continuous integration (optional)
  • License

Running tests

Once the project is scaffolded, inside the project folder run:

$ npm test

You can also directly use jest to run test on single files:

$ npm -g install jest-cli
$ jest --watch

Publishing your code

Once your tests are passing (ideally with a Travis CI green run), you might be ready to publish your code to npm. We recommend you using npm version to tag release correctly.

$ npm version major
$ git push --follow-tags
# ATTENTION: There is no turning back here.
$ npm publish

Extend this generator

First of all, make sure you're comfortable with Yeoman composability feature. Then in your own generator:

var Generator = require('yeoman-generator');
module.exports = class extends Generator({
  default() {
    this.composeWith(require.resolve('generator-node/generators/app'), {
      /* provide the options you want */


Here's a list of our supported options:

  • boilerplate (Boolean, default true) include or not the boilerplate files (lib/index.js, test/index.js).
  • cli (Boolean, default false) include or not a lib/cli.js file.
  • editorconfig (Boolean, default true) include or not a .editorconfig file.
  • git (Boolean, default true) include or not the git files (.gitattributes, .gitignore).
  • license (Boolean, default true) include or not a LICENSE file.
  • travis (Boolean, default true) include or not a .travis.yml file.
  • githubAccount (String) Account name for GitHub repo location.
  • readme (String) content of the file. Given this option, generator-node will still generate the title (with badges) and the license section.

Sub generators

If you don't need all the features provided by the main generator, you can still use a limited set of features by composing with our sub generators directly.

Remember you can see the options of each sub generators by running yo node:sub --help.

  • node:boilerplate
  • node:cli
  • node:editorconfig
  • node:eslint
  • node:git
  • node:readme


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