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Why to choose this generator?

This Yeoman Generator is entire based on generator-m-ionic. It implements the best practices and style guidance from John Pappa and Todd Motto.

The main difference is that you organize your project by features and not by technical components as it is on generator-m-ionic. This way facilitates the development among developers mainly when they work as an Agile Team.

Every module you create has at least one main feature (/main) where you will find your templates and scripts created during the module generation. Modules can have names like myModules.subModule that will create a new module myModules (if it not exist yet) and add a submodule subModule to it.

You can create new features using the subgenerator yo misha:feature <feature> [<module>] which will create a new directory for your feature with a standard template and controller. The module parameter is optional, and defaults to base module.

More info

Read the Wiki for more information

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