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This is kind of special and mostly suited for my own requirements

Thanks to Sascha Fuchs for the help and his framework Kittn for the inspiration.

Also thanks to David Hellmann and his baukasten boilerplate.


  • composer
  • git

Nice to Have

  • Craft CLI
  • Wordpress CLI

External Libraries


If you have installed Craft CLI it will be used to install Craft otherwise please install it by yourself

We can give you two Config Presets


If you choose to Install Laravel it will create a new Project with composer


When you choose Wordpress the installer will do a fresh install of Wordpress via the WP-CLI tool, you need to install this tool


npm install -g generator-mh-boilerplate


Jump to your Project Folder and type: yo mh-boilerplate

Yeoman will set all necessary paths and other configs in the config.json

Yeoman will initialize a git repo and will fire npm run init to initialize the project

Important Commands

Initialize the Project

npm run init

Development Task

npm run dev

Runs webpack-dashboard so you have an overview of your build packages, including the Default Gulp Task with BrowserSync, also webpack is compiling JavaScript and CSS

Gulp Task

You can run every Gulp Task with

npm run gulp $TASK_NAME$

Special Thanks

  • webdevs: Website
  • Sascha Fuchs: GitHub
  • David Hellmann: GitHub
  • CSS Tricks - for Easing Map: Website
  • Hugo Giraudel & Eduardo Bou├žas - for include media: Website
  • @LukyVj - for family.scss: Website
  • inuitcss - for some snippets and inspiration: website

-- Using functions of Hugo Giraudel

Using the REM Calc function of Foundation by zurb