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free fork of jqGrid

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jqGrid is a popular jQuery Plugin for displaying and editing data in tabular form. It has some other more sophisticated features, like subgrids, TreeGrids, grouping and so on.

jqGrid was developed originally by Tony Tomov and it was available under MIT/GPL-licenses till the version 4.7.0 published Dec 8, 2014 (see here). Short time after that the license agreement was changed (see here) and new 4.7.1 version was published.

The code from the GitHib repository is the fork of jqGrid 4.7.0 - the latest version available under MIT/GPL-licenses. It will be provided under MIT/GPL-licenses.

Below you can find short description of the bug fixes implemented in free jqGrid 4.15.2 (compared with version 4.15.1). The version is developed by Oleg Kiriljuk, alias Oleg on the stackoverflow and OlegK on trirand forum.

Read Wiki for more detailed information about the features of free-jqGrid. The preliminary version of the documentation can be found here.

Free jqGrid can be used for free. We still ask to contribute the development by donating via PayPal, if one have the possibility for it. One can donate by clicking on the following button PayPayl donate button or by sending money via PayPal to with the comment "free jqGrid". Bank transfer based on the invoice from OK soft GmbH is another option of donating. Just send the email with the information about the amount of donation and you will get the corresponding invoice with the full information about our bank account and our VAT number.

One can install the package with respect of npm by using "npm install free-jqgrid", with respect of bower by using "bower install free-jqgrid" or from NuGet by using "Install-Package free-jqGrid".

The package is published on WebJars too and it's deployed to Maven Central.

Free jqGrid is is available from jsDelivr CDN and cdnjs. Thus one can use it directly from Internet by including for example the URLs like

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

The locale file is optional. One can, but one don't need to include grid.locale-en.min.js, because the same information is already included in the jquery.jqgrid.min.js (or jquery.jqgrid.src.js).

If somebody want to test the latest version of free jqGrid, one can load it directly from GitHib using RawGit service:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

All other language files and plugins are available from CDN too. See the wiki article for more details about the usage of free jqGrid from CDNs and RawGit.

Remark: the above URLs will be available after publishing the release of the version of 4.15.2.

Below one can see the full list of changes in the version 4.15.2 compared with 4.15.1:

  • Bug fix in sorting in case of usage viewsortcols option with viewsortcols[2] equal to false.
  • Bug fix in the usage of getGridRes inside of delGridRow method.
  • update free-jqgrid.d.ts to include new parameter of serializeDelData.
  • Add idSeparator option of form deleting. Add array of rowids as the last parameter of some callbacks and jqGridDeleteAfterComplete event. Add array of rowids as additional parameter of callbacks afterComplete, afterSubmit, beforeSubmit, onclickSubmit and url and the event jqGridDeleteAfterComplete. See here for more details.
  • Bug fix of getAccessor to prevent usage of not owned properties. An example: editing of column with the name "watch" in Firefox.

Other old readmes contain the list of the features and bug fixed implemented in previous versions of free jqGrid:

Many thanks to all, who sent bug reports and suggestions to improve free jqGrid!