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This is a webpack plugin that uses the node-notifier package to display build status system notifications to the user. It's purpose is to work with the fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin. This deliberately has a similar API as the excellent webpack-notifier plugin. If you are not using fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin and you want system notifications then you probably want webpack-notifier.

The plugin will notify you about the first run (success/fail), all failed runs and the first successful run after recovering from a build failure. In other words: it will stay silent if everything is fine with your build.


This plugin requires minimum fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin@6, webpack 4, see fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin for minimum requirements.

Use yarn to install packages:

yarn add --dev fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin fork-ts-checker-notifier-webpack-plugin

Alternatively, use npm:

npm install --save-dev fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin fork-ts-checker-notifier-webpack-plugin


In the webpack.config.js file:

var ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin = require('fork-ts-checker-notifier-webpack-plugin');
var ForkTsCheckerWebpackPlugin = require('fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin');

var config = module.exports = {
   * Plugin order is important.
   * A wrong order will cause some hooks to be undefined
   * and the build to fail
  plugins: [
    new ForkTsCheckerWebpackPlugin(),
    new ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin({ excludeWarnings: true }),



Title prefix shown in the notifications.

new ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin({ title: 'Webpack' });

Exclude Warnings

If set to true, warnings will not cause a notification.

new ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin({ excludeWarnings: true });

Always Notify

Trigger a notification every time. Call it "noisy-mode".

new ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin({ alwaysNotify: true });

Skip Notification on the First Build

Do not notify on the first build. This allows you to receive notifications on subsequent incremental builds without being notified on the initial build.

new ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin({ skipFirstNotification: true });

Skip Notification for successfull builds

Skip notifications for successful builds.

new ForkTsCheckerNotifierWebpackPlugin({ skipSuccessful: true });

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