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As I do every few years, I decided to rewrite FuturesJS. This year's remake is extremely lightweight.

v3.x - Diet Cola Edition (published on npm as beta, so you must use the @3.x - and don't worry, v2.x is still supported)

Analogous to [].forEach, but handles items asynchronously with a final callback passed to then.

This is the most essential piece of the ArrayAsync package.


It's as simple as you could guess:

  // waits for one request to finish before beginning the next 
  forEachAsync(['dogs', 'cats', 'octocats'], function (next, element, index, array) {
    getPics(element, next);
  // then after all of the elements have been handled 
  // the final callback fires to let you know it's all done 
  }).then(function () {
    console.log('All requests have finished');
  // where `getPics` might be an asynchronous web request such as this 
  function getPics(animal, cb) {
    var flickerAPI = "";
    , { tags: thing
      , tagmode: "any"
      , format: "json"
      , success: function (data) {
          console.log('teh animals:', data);
      , complete: cb

Browser Installation

You can install from bower:

bower install forEachAsync

Or download the raw file from

(function () {
  'use strict';
  var forEachAsync = window.forEachAsync
  // do stuff ... 

Or you can build it alongside other libraries:

npm install -g pakmanager
npm install forEachAsync --save
pakmanager -e browser build
<script src="pakmanaged.js"></script>
(function () {
  'use strict';
  var forEachAsync = require('forEachAsync').forEachAsync
  // do stuff ... 

Node Installation

npm install --save forEachAsync@3.x


forEachAsync(array, callback[, thisArg])


  • array Array of elements to iterate over
  • callback Function to execute for each element, takes 4 arguments
    • next the function to call when the current element has been dealt with
    • element a single element of the aforementioned array
    • index the index of the current element
    • array the same array mentioned above
  • thisArg Object to use as this when executing callback



  • then is in the return value of forEachAsync and accepts a final done callback.
    • done called after forEachAsync is complete, takes no arguments

Internal API


This is used internally for the purposes of the ArrayAsync library.

Please don't break stuff; use someAsync or everyAsync instead.