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the simplest templating API ever: css selectors for all the things

named after the Scottish Fold cat breed because they are awesome:

scottish fold

also named after that thing you do when making meringue where you fold in egg whites

Client side API

// after loading the fold.js script tag you get a new global variable 'fold' 
// fold assumes your templates are in the DOM already, e.g.: 
// <div class="template"><div class="foo"></div></div> 
// look up the template via query selector and fold in the data 
fold('.template', {'.foo': 'bar'})
// => <div class="foo">bar</div> 
// or if you have the template string already and don't wanna rely on the DOM 
fold({'.foo', "bar"}, '<div class="foo"></div>')
// => <div class="foo">bar</div> 

Node API

node doesn't have a DOM so you have to give it an HTML string to use as its fake DOM:

var fold = require('fold')('<div class="template"><div class="foo"></div></div>')
fold('.template', {'.foo', "bar"})
// => <div class="foo">bar</div> 

you can also use fold directly without a DOM or fake DOM:

var fold = require('fold')
fold({'.foo', "bar"}, '<div class="foo"></div>')
// => <div class="foo">bar</div>