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flow-bin Build Status

Binary wrapper for Flow - A static type checker for JavaScript

OS X, Linux (64-bit) and Windows binaries are currently provided.


$ npm install --global flow-bin
$ flow --help


$ npm install --save flow-bin
const execFile = require('child_process').execFile;
const flow = require('flow-bin');
execFile(flow, ['check'], (err, stdout) => {


flow-bin is MIT-licensed.


New Release

  1. Update the "version" in package.json to reflect the flow version to publish. (For now, flow-bin's version is also the version of the flow binary).
  2. Run make.
  • There should be 2 uncommitted changes at this point: SHASUM256.txt and package.json.
  1. Commit the changes with the message Updated binary to v0.30.0, with the correct version.
  2. Push/merge to master.
  3. Tag the update:
git checkout master &&
git pull &&
make test &&
git tag v$(node -p 'require("./package.json").version') &&
git push v$(node -p 'require("./package.json").version')
  1. Publish to npm.

Inspect a Release Before Publishing

npm pack
tar xf "flow-bin-$(node -p 'require("./package.json").version').tgz"
cd package
npm run verify