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    A lightweight Flexbox based mobile-first CSS/Javascript pattern-library created by David Heidrich, build for


    Feel free to use my patterns in your project

    npm install flexcss --save-dev


    Includes different ready-to-use Javascript Components and Widgets that are heavily optimized to be used in a responsive environment.

    • A Form Validation framework for HTML5
      • supports custom validation
    • Complex Modals
    • Image LightBox (based on Modal)
    • Tooltip
    • Dropdown
    • Off-Canvas Navigation
    • Tabs

    All Javascript Components haven been created without external dependencies (almost).

    Polyfills / Dependencies used

    Branch Information

    • master contains the latest es6 rewrite
    • hellofellow version that runs on hellofellow, will be abandoned in the future (and replaced with master).
      • No pull-requests are accepted here

    Browser/Device Support

    Due the use of Flexbox and other HTML5 features we are limited to IE 10+.

    Browser Version
    Safari 7.1+
    Google Chrome 30+
    Internet Explorer 10+
    Firefox 30+

    I tested FlexCss on different Android and iOS Devices.


    The patterns included may be used for prototyping and to get an idea what is possible with flexbox. It's not supposed to be a generic production-ready framework yet (but might become in the future).


    FlexCss includes a custom font set of fontello (, you can disable including this by overwriting $includeFontello and set it to false

    Either way, there is also a mixin called icon which you can use to setup a font.


    Requires node to be installed. run npm install, and gulp to start compiling sources, recompilation is triggered automatically on file change


    jekyll is used to create the pages for this project, run bundle install for setup and then bundle exec jekyll serve to start the local server to read documentation.


    There is no 100% coverage yet, but I'm working on it :D.

    run npm test to run all specs, run npm test --watch to start TDD mode.


    The Project is in a really early stage and a lot of things have to be improved. Although running in production, it's not 100% ready for a public release. Use at your own risk!

    • API Documentation, more examples
    • Code Cleanup
    • get near to 100% Coverage by specs
    • improve tooling and gulp setup


    The MIT License (MIT)

    Copyright (c) 2015 David Heidrich, hellofellow KG

    Any contribution is welcome, just issue a pull-request or bug/feature if you found something :)

    hellofellow and the hellofellow logo Copyright © 2013 – 2015 hellofellow KG


    npm i flexcss

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