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fixture-dir Build status

Create/copy directory to temporary directory

fixture-dir was built for quickly setting up/tearing down directories that originate from tests but should not contaminate the repo. Previous to fixture-dir's creation, I have used this pattern in foundry-release-git and sexy-bash-prompt.

A mocha flavor is available, mocha-fixture-dir, which provides automatic directory cleanup.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install fixture-dir

// Generate a tmp namespace for our tests 
var exec = require('child_process').exec;
var FixtureDir = require('fixture-dir');
var fixtureDir = new FixtureDir('my-node-module-tests');
// Inside of our tests, copy over folder contents and interact with them 
before(function () {
  // Create a `git-log` folder with the contents of our `git-log` fixture 
  var that = this;
    folderName: 'git-log',
    copyFrom: __dirname + '/test-files/git-log' // Folder with `.git` activity 
  }, function (err, dir) {
    // Save the directory for cleanup and callback 
    that.dir = dir;
before(function (done) {
  // Run `git log` in our directory (/tmp/my-node-module-tests/git-log) 
  exec('git log', {cwd: this.dir.path}, function (err, stdout, stderr) {
    // Save our stdout and callback 
    this.stdout = stdout;
after(function (done) {
  // Cleanup our directory 
  delete this.done;
it('retrieved `git log` in our fixture directory', function () {


fixture-dir returns the FixtureDir constructor via its module.exports.


Constructor for fixture directory namespaces inside of /tmp (or your equivalent temporary directory).

  • folderName String, Folder to create all subsequent temporary directories inside of
    • We require this to be reduce pollution of the /tmp folder names
    • The folder path will be /tmp/{{folderName}} (e.g. /tmp/hai for {folderName: 'hai'}

FixtureDir#mkdir([options], cb)

  • options Object, Optional container for various flags/parameters
    • options.folderName String, Folder name to create
      • The folder path will be /tmp/top-level/{{folderName}} (e.g. /tmp/top-level/world for {folderName: 'world'}
      • If this is not provided, we will use a random string generated by tmp
    • options.copyFrom String, Path to source folder to copy contents from
  • cb Function, Error-first callback function with signature (err, dir)
    • err Error|null, If any errors occurred then this will be it
    • dir Directory, Instance of Directory for folder we just created


Class representation of a directory for getting path and cleaning up


Filepath to directory (e.g. /tmp/my-node-module-tests/git-log)


Method to clean up temporary directory (usually for next test run)

  • cb Function, Error-first callback function with signature (err)
    • err Error|null, If any errors occurred then this will be it


Creating a temporary folder with no contents:

var fixtureDir = new FixtureDir('my-node-module-tests');
before(function () {
  var that = this;
  fixtureDir.mkdir(function (err, dir) {
    // Generated directory `/tmp/my-node-module-tests/abc123` 
    that.dir = dir;


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint via grunt and test via npm test.


Support this project and others by twolfson via gittip.

Support via Gittip


As of Apr 12 2014, Todd Wolfson has released this repository and its contents to the public domain.

It has been released under the UNLICENSE.